How much fillrate is enough fillrate?
Posted on: 04/30/2000 01:55 PM

Cory over @ House of Stuff decided to lay the smack down in an editorial about the insane advancement of video card technology. He borders on heresy by telling us all not to immediately run out and preorder our shiny new Geforce 2 GTS *gasp* (not that I can afford one anyways).
So what's my advice? Where do I think you should spend those hard-earned (or preferably stolen - much easier) greenbacks? Well, how about waiting a month and picking up a nice Geforce SDR, and enjoy the framerates that your buddy next door paid twice as much for 4 months ago. Or maybe a faster CPU...whatever.

Just don't go out an lay down $500 big ones on a swanky new video card, and neglect the rest of your Tower of Power(TM), mmmkay?
Before we all run out and lynch Cory, we should sit back and realize that he does speak sensibly. But dude... I'm not sending you any money. :-)

Check it out for yourself over here.

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