HP's new PA-8800 RISC processor
Posted on: 10/22/2001 03:38 AM

LostCircuits have a nice summary of the new features in HP's new PA-RISC processor. SMT getting all the attention these days?
With the new PA-8800 RISC processor, HP is going a different route, that is, instead of using physically separate processors, the new concept involves placing two entire PA-8700 CPU cores in the same package. There is a certain sacrifice in terms of flexibility with such a concept since a single CPU cannot be purchased, on the other hand...nobody uses a single CPU in a dual system anyway.......

Conservative estimates about the performance of the new PA-8800 processor are in the range of 900/1000 SPEC 2000 int/fp units and 800,000 transactions per minute in server applications.
Very nice. Would make a lovely platform for that new database server. Read on.

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