Hyperthreading hurts server performance
Posted on: 11/22/2005 09:58 PM

We've run into some situations in the past where hyperthreading hurt performance rather than helping it. I even remember some serious slowness when running Windows 2000 (which was released long before Intel added HT to its processor line-up) with HT enabled processors. But that is all behind us now, right? Apparently not.
With both SQL Server and Citrix Terminal Server installations, HT-enabled motherboards show markedly degraded performance under heavy load. Disabling HT restores expected levels, according to reports from within the IT industry.
Now the article doesn't make any mention of the Citrix or SQL versions in question, but the blog referenced (direct link) appears to be pointing to the brand-spankin'-new SQL Server 2005. You'd think that brand new software would have better support built-in for SMP/SMT, especially when it's such a resource dependant application, but I digress.

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