Hyperthreading Pointless on Win2k?
Posted on: 02/14/2002 07:11 PM

Ah, the hits just keep on coming. Today, Mikey is running a note on Windows 2000 and hyperthreading optimization entitled "There's no point running hyperthreading on W2K".
First of all, Windows 2000 does have optimisations for hyperthreading but not too many of them, nor does it understand the difference between a physical processor and a logical processor.
Most BIOSes will have or already have a setting which will enable or disable hyperthreading. Really, there's no point running hyperthreading on Windows 2000 because performance won't be worth it.
Get the rest, over here.

[Ed - Is it just me, or does Microsoft -always- come up with a way to force you into buying their latest and greatest?]

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