I840 Motherboard Update
Posted on: 01/16/2000 03:24 PM

The other day, I posted an update on the shipping status of the new I840 dual boards from Tyan, Supermicro, and Intel. It seems that there have been a few delays and the boards are going to be a little late. Here's what Clark from DualProTech had to say...
Looks like most of the new boards are running late. I just talked to Tyan Tech support and the Thunder 2400 won't be out until the end of February. If you include transportation to distributors, inventory stocking, etc, I would venture a guess around the middle of March before they are available. I'm not really sure of the pricing yet....one of my distributors is checking. The PIIIDME is also not expected to be available (in limited quantities) until the end of this month.

By the way....if you haven't seen this one, here is what seems to be a nice reference for upgrading from a single processor to dual's. http://www.i386.com/admin/general/mpseasy.htm


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