I Guess We've Hit The Big Time
Posted on: 07/10/2000 06:24 AM

So, Friday night I was at the Bellevue branch of Computer Stop, one of the better computer stores in the Seattle area.

I overhear one of their sales reps mention 2Cpu.com. My ears perked up, and I struck up a conversation with Sean, a very knowledgable sales tech there. He was very helpful to both me and my friend, and we bought the parts to build a 750 Athlon box for my friend's dad.

While I was there, another customer mentioned 2Cpu, and several other staff members were familiar with the site, too. I felt like a little mini-celebrity in the Seattle area.

I can highly recommend Computer Stop to our readers in the Seattle area. I've been shopping there for around 2 years now, and it's always a good experience. See Sean while you're there, he'll hook you up.

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