I *HATE* Smurfs!
Posted on: 01/17/2000 07:49 AM

Actually, I hate Smurf attacks. Right now, in the Pacific Northwest, there's a huge Smurf attack going on against UUNet, and many smaller ISP's including mine, Oz.net.

Here's an excerpt from a mail on the issue:
Over the past eighteen hours, our network and our upstream providers have been subjected to a massive "smurf attack" by someone located outside of oz.net. This attack has caused significant problems for virtually all oz.net customers as well as the customers of numerous other ISPs, in the sense that key services including DNS and Internet transit are not always usable due to the extreme network congestion this attack has caused.
My mail isn't always working properly, net surfing is slow and painful, and in general, much is hosed. The Smurf attack is exacerbated by the power outages happening up here in Redmond. My power has been out several times, as has the power in the Microsoft building I work in up the road.

Please, put a read receipt on any mail you send me in the next day or so: If I don't read it within 24 hours, resend. And if you've sent me mail I haven't replied to in the past 24 hours, resend that.

Quick survey: Is this attack the work of some "Mad hax0r" Kiddies, or seasoned pros? I vote for hax0rs.

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