IBM builds fastest computer (again)
Posted on: 06/29/2000 04:22 PM

ABCNews is reporting on the fastest computer in the world, ASCI White by IBM, that is used to simulate nuclear explosions and other wonderful things:
The $110 million ASCI White has a theoretical maximum power of 12.3 teraflops, or floating-point calculations per second. IBM researchers have gotten the system running at more than 4 teraflops so far, said Dave Turek, IBM’s vice president of deep computing.
Wow, i bet it gets at least 150FPS in Quake 3 Arena...
The super-supercomputer is actually a colony of 512 smaller computers working together. The RS/6000 machines are yoked together by special hardware and software, but they’re essentially the same as the machines found in many businesses.
Cool. Now all i need is a warehouse and a winning lottery ticket to power the beast. Get the rest over here

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