Ice Storm Fighters Game Technology Demo
Posted on: 01/15/2007 08:03 PM

Multi-threaded gaming is becoming all the rage lately (Where have they all been for the last few years anyway?), and apprently Intel wasn't content waiting for other game developers to leverage their dual and quad-core processors. In a joint effort with Futuremark, Intel has released a multi-threaded game engine demo/technology preview designed to show what gaming can be like with multiple cores under the hood.
Ice Storm Fighters is based on a multi-threaded game engine, and its performance scales with the number of processor cores as well as other PC platform components. Using a technique called "n-number threading," the Ice Storm Fighters game engine will generate as many threads as there are CPU cores present on the system.

Ice Storm Fighters is intended to be a forward-looking game engine technology demo for Intel platforms.
The demo has some pretty steep requirements and, as yet, only runs on Intel processors. I'm downloading it now to see if it lives-up to the hype.

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