IIS vs. Apache (Part 2)
Posted on: 10/26/2000 03:14 PM

In recent years, we have all come to know and love those wonderful Netcraft surveys. You know, the surveys that show how Apache 0wnz as a webserving platform. Each time the new results come out, we look anxiously to see how badly Apache is spanking IIS, but it seems we may have been mislead. This article from the good folks at Windows NT (2000) Magazine attempts to set the record straight. Here's a snip:
Microsoft IIS has faced a long uphill battle in its attempt to grab users and mind share from market leader Apache, the open-source Web server that is a favorite in UNIX shops. In the summer of 2000, a Netcraft survey touched off a war of words between rival Windows NT and UNIX camps, each seeking to prove the superiority of its favorite product. The Netcraft Web Server Survey (http://www.netcraft.com/survey/) showed Apache dominating IIS—serving up more than 10 million sites by midsummer. Sixty percent of Netcraft's 15 million surveyed sites use Apache, and IIS is a distant second with only 21 percent of the market; iPlanet (formerly owned by Netscape) comes in third with 7 percent.

However, the Netcraft survey didn't categorize the surveyed sites, which might largely consist of personal and enthusiast sites. This lack of detail prompted ENT Online to survey Fortune 500 companies to determine which Web servers they use. ENT argues that its survey is more meaningful because it omits home-based systems, enthusiasts, experimenters, and smaller commercial sites that might be short-lived.
So what are the new results?!? Check it out right here! ;-)

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