Indepth look at BeOS
Posted on: 04/14/2000 02:37 PM

Another gem from Benews! Mark Gibbs has posted a two-part, indepth look at the wonder that is BeOS.
So what is it that Gearhead so admires about BeoS? It's really simple. Be has built an operating system as they should be built: fast, elegant, beautifully architected, extensible, accessible, well-featured and robust.
Another snippit...
Pervasive multithreading is a term used with BeOS because all levels of the operating system use multithreading. Even the simplest applications have two threads, one for handling the system interface and another to handle the application logic. This means you can't write a nonthreaded application, which ensures that the dumbest application has good multitasking characteristics.
If you have an SMP system... install BeOS!!! Take the time to read this two-part review. Part one and Part two.

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