Indrema Console, first look...
Posted on: 06/19/2000 10:12 PM

Off and on I've posted information on the proposed Linux-based console soon (we hope) to be hitting the market, the Indrema L600. It should have a processor clocked somewhere in the 600MHz range and have 64MB of RAM. Video will be handled by a next-gen nVidia graphics card. The guys over at decided to take a closer look at the Indrema and see what it's all about. Of course the comparisons to Microsoft's X-box, continue.
It will be interesting to see how Indrema fares in this upcoming battle. They are entering a market that is already crowded with big name companies and they must have the marketing power to carve out their own niche. I think they can succeed if they focus on the systems as a premium game console and entertainment system that offers unique features such as MP3 storage and playback, and community level suport ability.
I hope they get some backing and get this off the ground. I'd probably buy one, Linux owns me. It should debut next spring at about $299... You can check out the article here. If you just want to sneak an early peak at the Indrema... here it is.

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