Indrema Interview with CEO John Gildred
Posted on: 08/28/2000 05:13 PM

Hardware-Unlimited has gotten their 18 question interview with the top cheese at Indrema. I said this before and I'll say it again that console looks sweet! Ok nuff of that if this kind of stuff interest you go read the article here.
11. Since the IES runs on an open-source OS will users be able to tweak the system or not?

[JG] Tweak ability is really restricted. Anyone can join the overall scheme of developing, but only Indrema can issue "Tuning packs" and they have to be certified and heavily tested for QA. You can not get into a command line on the system or tweak it from any of that standpoint, but you will be able to skin your environment eventually and minor changes like that. The menus and interface will features awesome 3D graphics when you move around the interface. For example, you click on a menu or select an object and you will hear sound effects and see an explosion or something of that nature.

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