Inside the Box
Posted on: 12/21/2000 04:36 PM

The fellas over at Maximum 3D have posted an interesting article entitled "Machines of the Masters". I'll let them detail it for you:
Running a website is a lot of work. Many hours of work go into each article that gets posted on the mainpage, from the initial testing to the editor's final check for spelling. Of course, most of the reviews and articles feature high-end systems, decked out with the latest and fastest gear, all in the name of journalism (yeah right). This column is not about those tweaked and polished systems, no, this story is about the workhorse that gets used to post the daily news and answer reader email. This is the "daily driver" of the web, not the show car that comes out only on weekends.
I found the link via the [H]ard|OCP (and no, they didn't ask me what was in my development box :-).

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