Inside the Box (Part 2)
Posted on: 12/23/2000 07:19 PM

Maximum 3D has finished their look at the "Machines of the Masters" and posted part two of their series. Yes... I did make the list this time :-)

Here is some conclusion type clippage for you:

The motherboard maker of choice for the webmasters polled is Abit, by a large margin. Abit boards are in 14 of the systems, with ASUS being the next closest at 5. MSI scores with 3, and SOYO, Soltek, Gigabyte, Epox, and Supermicro finish with one each. [He forgot my Tyan - Ed.]


This was no contest, with NVIDIA boards in 21 of the machines. 3dfx followed with 4, and ATI with 1. Matrox and Kyro each had one appearance.

CPU Speed:

The average CPU speed was 846.7Mhz.

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