Inside the KLAT2
Posted on: 06/22/2000 09:37 AM

The super-techno people over at Ars Technica with the help of Professor Hank Dietz and Tim Mattox have whipped up a five page report on this Gflop wonder. J0rdan posted a picture of KLAT2 a few weeks ago and I've been looking more into this clustering computer stuff (and I have not seen any Q3A demo benchmarks posted anywhere :-) ) I got to say is the KLAT2 is one awesome Penguin. BTW if you need the harware list to build you own KLAT2 you can find it here.
In the history of supercomputing, there always has been the notion that super speed requires exotic technologies and monumental cost. Our newest supercomputer proves that if you use the right exotic technologies, you don't need much money -- not even as much as a "normal" Beowulf would cost. It's appropriate that we invested a good bit of engineering toward that goal; after all, the University of Kentucky's old slogan was "A Tradition Of Value".

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