Intel's "Nocona" Xeon Reviewed @!
Posted on: 11/15/2004 05:46 AM

A couple of months ago, Supermicro was kind enough to send me a complete Nocona-based server for testing, the SuperServer 7044A-82R. As a result, we have two reviews in one for you. Are you ready?
While reviewing Intel's last two Xeon processors, one thing I continually stressed was Intel's need to increase the speed of the front-side bus (FSB). With two physical and four logical processors sharing a 533MHz FSB, the bottleneck was quite evident. An 800MHz FSB did wonders for the Pentium 4 and it would surely do the same for the Xeon, right? Well, Intel answered the call with its long-anticipated Nocona Xeon processor. While the increased FSB was an important specification improvement, it wasn't the feature that really grabbed the headlines. Since AMD's Opteron hit the market in early 2003, everyone has been enamored with 64-bit processing. As a result, Intel decided to bring that capability to its lower-end server/workstation processor with the release of Nocona.
At the very least, you'll want to read our review for the sexy pictures of Supermicro's server.

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