Intel brings virtualization to the desktop
Posted on: 11/14/2005 10:02 PM

Intel has enabled virtualization technology (VT) in the current Paxville Xeons, and it be included in the upcoming Dempsey Xeons (which we hope to be looking at in more depth right here), but apparently the single CPU, single core crowd is going to get their shot at Vanderpool Technology sooner rather than later.
Intel is set to launch Monday new desktop processors that can subdivide tasks in a hardware feature called Virtualization Technology, or VT.

While VT is currently found in some of Intel's Xeon processors for servers, this is the first time that the chipmaking giant has extended the technology to the desktop via its Pentium line.
Now if only someone could come up with a good way to test virtualization prowess, I know I'd be happy.

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