Intel Pentium 200 review!!!! (is that enough !!'s ?)
Posted on: 11/29/2000 02:41 AM

We like to stay bleeding edge here at, ensuring you, the devoted reader gets all the information on the latest technologies available. The lucky sonofa over at Glide Underground got his hands on an Intel Pentium 200 MHz processor and put it through some mad testing.
As can be seen here, the Pentium 200 lags behind a bit in this benchmark. Clearly, the Athlon 1.2 GHz is in the lead here, with the Intel bunch trying to catch up. This disturbs me. Why is the Athlon, the only non-Intel processor, doing better than all the others? Is it possible that AMD is just sooo much better than the Pentiums?

This lack of power in the P200's corner is most likely due to a lack of SIMD instructions. This is easily explained and justified.
Man... tight race there. Had they ran a couple of those P200's in an SMP configuration, I think it may have turned some heads... OH YES, turned some heads!

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