Intel Platform Roadmap Update!
Posted on: 09/08/2000 06:15 PM

This just in from Papa Hooz. Over at InQuest you'll find an Intel Platform Roadmap Update, authored by Bert McComas. It goes through projected Pentium 4 pricing strategies, performance issues, and even RAMBUS. Let me quote a paragraph which is very interesting to us.
Recently, several third party P4 benchmark results have been released on the web. Once case is a set of CliBench scores released by This web site released CliBench results from a beta 1GHz P4 platform. The P4 test system in question might have been an early beta with less than optimal performance, but the figures could be useful in discerning some of the potential performance differences between the P4 and Athlon.
This is a worthy read. Check it out over here.

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