Intel Price cuts!
Posted on: 05/30/2000 06:42 PM

The Register is reporting that Intel's new pricelist is out, and it includes some interesting price cuts. Lets break it down...

There's a new Xeon at 933MHz with 256KB on-die cache (two-way SMP only) at $794, while the 866 and 800MHz parts drop by 23 and 29 percent respectively to $612 and $435.
All PIIIs between 500 and 667MHz are now priced the same at $193 - coincidentally the cost of a one-way ticket to the gulag for chips in this class.
Smaller cuts for the cheaper Celeron chips see the fastest 600MHz part down 19 percent to $112, while the 466 and 500MHz Celeries are now at their end of life $69 pricepoint...
Check it out for yourself here.

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