Intel Quad-core: Clovertown Performance Reviewed
Posted on: 11/20/2006 07:16 PM

Quad-core. That sounds pretty straight-forward. "Quad" means four and "cores" means, well, cores. It seems simple enough, but apparently it depends on who you ask.

Today is the official launch day for Intel's new "quad-core" server and workstation processor, codenamed "Clovertown". Clovertown is the first "quad-core" processor that is available for dual socket systems, although some people would have you believe that Intel didn't really make a "quad-core" processor. Much the same way that they made their original dual-core Xeons and Pentium Ds, Intel has taken two of their current dual-core (Core 2-based architecture) parts, glued them together and stuffed them into a single socket. While it may not be a whole new architecture designed from the ground-up for quad-core use (like Core 2 was for dual-core), it's close enough for me. One socket, four cores. Quad-core. And, perhaps most importantly, it's available for purchase today!

Let's see how it performs!

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