Intel-Rambus Willamette duopoly?
Posted on: 05/14/2000 02:22 PM

The Register is reporting the possibility that Intel may force our hands with regards to Rambus. Intel is expected to prevent third party chipset manufacturers (namely VIA) from accessing the new bus technology that IA-32 provides. This is obviously good news for Rambus, seeing as how its been said that it will be the only memory that the Willamette will use.
While this is very handy given the PR and marketing contract both firms have, it is unlikely to meet with rapturous applause from large corporations unless the price of RIMMs tumbles and any particular technical problems go away and stay away.
One observer summed it up like this...
"Once Intel releases a CPU with no cross licensing of its intellectual property on the bus, gee, like maybe quad-pumped, we're f*****."
Check it out for yourself here.

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