Intel releases faster Xeons
Posted on: 05/22/2000 01:23 PM is reporting that Intel has released "its most powerful chip to date", A new Xeon that takes advantage of technology introduced with earlier, lower-end Pentium III chips.
The new Xeons run at 700MHz and are built with the cache as part of the chip itself, said Anthony Ambrose, a marketing manager for Intel's high-end chip group. Earlier Xeons topped out at 550MHz and have a separate and a therefore slower cache, the special high-speed memory used to keep the processor fed with data and things to do.
Another snippit...
With this "onboard" cache and higher clock speed, servers doing jobs such as database transactions show performance gains of about 25 percent to 40 percent over the older Xeons.
Intel says the chips will be rather hard to come by for at least two months (surprise, surprise). I'd take a couple :-). I know JC is drooling at the prospect of getting his grubby hands on a couple of these badboys. You can check it out for yourself over here.

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