Intel Server Roadmap
Posted on: 05/02/2000 04:25 PM

Sharkyextreme has an interesting look at the path which Intel plans to take with its line of processors geared towards high-end servers.
The major trend of Intel's server roadmap is to move to IA-64. IA-64 is Intel's 64-bit Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC), designed to massively increase the computing abilities of Intel's high-end servers. The move to IA-64 marks Intel's larger move into the high-end server space currently fought over by the likes of IBM, Sun, HP, Compaq, and SGI. Intel expects its products to have superior performance for the money...
Very indepth look at where Intel is headed. Why only drool about what you can buy today, when you can also drool over the processors of tomorrow. Check it out here.

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