Intel to (Almost) Abandon FB-DIMMs in 2008
Posted on: 09/08/2006 02:55 PM

After Intel's big push for FB-DIMM enabled platforms (and the subsequent delays), it looks like they will all but abandon the technology by 2008!
Intel is telling everyone who will listen that they are going back to rDIMMs in 2008 over about 90% of their server line. This is due to them not being able to hit power numbers, seemingly a problem with the tech itself vs implementations, and of course cost. Looking out at the numbers, 4S servers are about 10% of the server market, 2S make up most of the rest, so this would seem to indicate that FBDs will be relegated to high socket counts.
Apparently, new microbuffer technology offers a lot of the same benefits as FB-DIMMs, but without all the draw-backs.

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