Intel tries to sneak past an overclocker...
Posted on: 07/01/2000 03:11 AM

This article at gave me a good chuckle. It seems an Intel rep was demoing a "1GHz" machine that was really a 650!

Also, another guy tried running benchmarks on a "1GHz" Athlon T-bird and got the boot:
"I was met by one of the guys at the booth who abruptly pressed escape after my second try at 3DMarks. He uninstalled Quake as well as 3dmarks explaining to me no benchmarks were allowed. It's funny they would try to cover the performance of their latest, greatest product. He told me they borrowed the system from Vega. Also, I only got 26fps on Quake3 with 1280x1024 bilinear and high detail with simple items on and full antalias off. Very strange stuff if you ask me."

It goes on to say the the SGI blokes were more than happy to let him run benches on a 1GHz T-Bird with a Quadro. Cool.

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