Intel's new chipsets revealed
Posted on: 05/25/2000 04:40 PM

The Register has more Intel Chipset information on the 850 and 860 chipset read more of it here.
Tehama, the 850 chipset, will only support single processors, has a 400MHz data bus, will support both PC600 and PC800 Rambus memory with a claimed performance spec of x-111@400 MHz.
Colusa, the 860 chipset for Foster, supports dual processors initially, has a 400MHz data bus, will support an 8/4GB memory configuration and appears to a Rambus solution (!) in its first iteration. Other features of the chipset are similar to Tehama, except for the 1012 OLGA North Bridge package and the 360EBGA South Bridge package. Again, the chipset is already sampling.

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