Intense3D Announces Wildcat 4210 Graphics Accelerator
Posted on: 04/05/2000 07:12 PM

Intense3D today announced the Wildcat 4210. This badboy is gonna scream. It will employ the dual-pipeline graphics architecture, which could allow it to offer double the speed of current graphics leaders.
"The Wildcat 4210 carves out an entire new high-end space in the performance spectrum, outpacing any other graphics card on any platform," says Bill Rick, vice president of sales and marketing at Intense3D. "Our engineers at Intense3D have done 'Moore's Law' one better doubling the performance of Wildcat graphics approximately every nine months..."
Here's a few of the proposed features...
- 256 MB Frame/Texture Memory: 128 MB frame buffer and 128 MB dedicated texture memory. Allows for true color at ALL resolutions
- Dual-Screen Support: Two DVI-I connectors support both analog and digital monitors.
- A peak 243 Mpixels/sec fill rate performance
I doubt I'll be able to afford one, but it is nice to think about :-). Check out the rest of the announcement over at CNEWZ.

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