Internet Proxy/Router Configuration!
Posted on: 06/19/2000 03:28 AM

The guys over at have posted a very valuable How-to of sorts. Build your very own Internet Proxy/Router, or "Hardware Modem" if you will using the ever popular Linux platform (In this scenario, RedHat 6.1).
Once upon a time, I had a softmodem in my PC. It sucked CPU time, but I didn't mind too much. When it came to sharing the modem, I had to run various bits of software and of course, the connection was only up while I had my PC on and connected, and with every reboot the connection was dropped. It wasn't really ideal. When a spare motherboard and CPU came along, I couldn't resist making my very own Internet Proxy/Router ... The Ultimate Hardware Modem.
If you've got some extra hardware kicking around, this could be useful to you. Check it out here.

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