Interview with Indrema CEO...
Posted on: 07/24/2000 03:28 PM has an interview posted with John Gildred, the founder and CEO of Indrema. There has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding this Linux-based gaming console. Will game developers jump on board? Will we ever see it?
Gamespy: Linux has made great progress over the past year. Where do you see Linux, Linux on the desktop, and Linux gaming going over the next year?

John Gildred: Over the next year, Linux will be more popular than ever. The desktop space will take some more time to really gain market share over Windows. There are a lot of factors on the desktop that play into success, one of them being office suite support.

I think that embedded Linux and Linux gaming in the near future looks very bright, especially when you put the two together. We've got the open source technology, the talent pool, and now the console platform to pull it off.
It's worth checking out if you have interest in the project. You'll find it here.

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