Interview With SGI @ Real World Tech
Posted on: 02/26/2004 02:20 PM

Real World Technologies is running an interview with Jason Pettit of SGI. He's the man to talk to about all things Altix.
RWT: What is the maximum number of processors that are used in a single system image (SSI)?

Jason: Today, the supported SSI on Altix is 64 processors, which is a wonderful technical achievement for open source community and our engineers, but as you can see by our proof-of-concept demonstration with NASA we hope to work with the Linux community to achieve much more. In fact over the last 5 months SGI has been working with a set of our users to beta test the reliability of a standard 128 processor SSI. This beta test has exceeded our expectations, and we will start supporting at least 128 processor scalability for all Altix users when we release SGI ProPack 2.4 in February.
Take a look.

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