Intro to Windows2000 part 1
Posted on: 01/21/2000 12:44 AM

I just finished posting J.C.'s latest article, Intro to Windows2000 (part 1). It's a very good read and outlines a bunch of the new features in Win2k Pro. This is mostly a lead in to parts 2 and three that will detail installation of Win2K Pro and (Advanced) Server. This is the series for you if you are thinking of upgrading to Microsoft's latest and greatest. Here's a clip...
Part One of my Windows 2000 article is devoted to describing many of the new features in Windows 2000 in more detail than you’ll find from Microsoft’s marketing hype. In addition, since I’ve been working with the product for close to 2 years, I’m also going to tell you what’s good, what’s great, and what sucks. Part Two of my article will detail the installation of Windows NT Professional on two different machines of varying hardware, and Part Three of my article will focus on setting up Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server on the same two machines.

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