It's the Weekend
Posted on: 08/26/2001 07:44 PM

And as with most weekends, there is very little going on out there. Usually the inestimable Jim_ handles the weekends around here, but I think he's off visiting his boyfriend Duke or something like that, so I guess I'm it.

Don't look so happy.

Kevin over at Accelenation got his mitts on some of Mushkin's High Performance DDR and he takes it out for a spin. But is it worth the $112 price tag (256 MB)? Go find out.

mike.magee over at (dare I say it?) la Inquirer has the latest dirt on ~our favorite new operating system, Windows XP.

First off, it seems that some of the big OEMs like Dell will be getting their copies of XP sans Activation. The CD's will be somehow linked to the BIOSes of the boxen that ship with them, however.

All that seems somewhat moot however, as some people are busily downloading copies of build 2600 RTM already. Did anyone doubt that that would happen?

So like, I'm bored and stuff. What are you all up to? Is anyone else seeing The Sopranos for the first time via the CTV reruns Sunday nights? Did I hear them correctly when they said they were going to start playing two episodes at a time this week?

Oh, and thanks anyway but I really don't need "$1,000.00 Cash Or 4 Airplane Ticket..." all that badly. That's ok though, I'm sure one of the other million or two people who "have been specially selected to qualify" will be more than happy to take all that loot of your hands.

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