Iwill DU3160 Dual Ultra160 SCSI Controller
Posted on: 06/13/2000 12:45 AM

Whoa now if you want fast you're gonna need one of them fancy 64bit pci slots for this baby. The boys over at Hardware Central reviewed the Iwill Dual Ultra160 SCSI controller. Here's a taste.
If we look at the stellar performance of the Iwill DU3160 Dual Ultra160 SCSI Controller combined with the Quantum Atlas Vs we can simply state that this is one of the fastest disk subsystems currently available; the combined 56 MB/s throughput is something you’ll have to see for yourself to appreciate it fully. However, Iwill’s DU3160 is not just a harddisk controller, it is in fact a versatile I/O controller which allows you to connect up to fifteen SCSI devices ranging from Ultra160 SCSI drives to scanners and CDROMs.
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