Iwill SFF Reviews
Posted on: 09/27/2004 06:30 PM

I'm not sure how, but the guys at Hexus have posted a (p)review of Iwill's upcoming ZMAXdp. For those of you who have been living under a rock, that's the dual Opteron SFF box.
What follows is a preview article on the chassis, hardware, a look at low-power Opteron and some work on the performance. I must stress that IWill still haven't signed off on the hardware for full mass-production yet. They're still tweaking the hardware, the BIOS and the final performance before letting it loose. I still don't know its final pricing, that's still under wraps. So while I'm confident nothing much is going to change between now and full launch, be mindful that it's a preview of late-revision, pre-production hardware.
While we're on the Iwill SFF kick, check out this TweakTown review of Iwill's ZMAXap.
While over at Computex in Taiwan this year we saw Iwill showing off their new line of small form factor PCs that were just about ready to hit the market