Iwill SIDE RAID 100 Review
Posted on: 09/02/2000 05:46 PM

HardwareCentral got their hands on a Iwill Raid 100 card. Nice review lots of benchmarks. Good information for those of you thinking about doing a Raid set up. Plus you can see the performance of the HPT 370 in action. Check out the article here.
The second, more subtle, exception is the IDE controller itself. Instead of the HighPoint HPT368 used on the SIDE RAID 66, the SIDE RAID 100 uses HighPoint’s newest model, the HPT370. Fortunately, we’re much better pleased with the HPT370 than we were with the HPT368. The 368 seemed to be, simply, an immature product. Drivers weren’t fantastic, BIOS support wasn’t great, and a couple of features left much to be desired.

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