Iwill Slocket II
Posted on: 02/06/2000 09:17 PM

While surfing through the HOCP today, I stumbled upon digital clips' review of the Iwill Slocket II. This is rumored to be one of the best FC-PGA to Slot1 adapters, so if you're in the market, give the review a read...
While Intel’s gradually phasing out Slot 1 in favor of the cheaper Socket370 design (the newest Celerons now come exclusively in PCGA form, looking like MMX chips) there’re plenty of Slot 1 chips coming out of Chipzilla’s fabs – hell the flagship chip is a Slot 1 chip for crying out loud. What’s more, there will continue to be a steady supply of Slot 1 chips in the near future, hence Slot 1 motherboards will still sell like hotcakes. But Intel’s slow shift from Slot 1 to Socket370 means a intermediatery solution’s needed.

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