Jim: Unplugged...
Posted on: 10/14/2001 02:48 AM

No, I'm not holding an acoustic guitar. I'm not going to play. Relax. What I am holding is a 2 week pass from work. That's right, I'm going on vacation. This is my first 'real' vacation so I'm relatively excited. I'm fueling up the car and leaving for the states (PA in specific) tomorrow morning bright and early to visit with some friends.

I also have some tickets to a Penguins hockey game (v. the Ottawa Senators, ironically enough) so fun, rest and relaxation awaits me! No computers, no email, no content writing for 8-10 days. Just what the doctor ordered.

Anyways, if you're wondering why I'm not responding to email... you now have your answer. Have a good week everyone!

[Ed - Be on the lookout for this automobile. It carries precious cargo. Namely... me. :-P]

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