Joe Pranevich -- Wonderful World of Linux 2.4
Posted on: 02/01/2000 08:47 PM

Well, are you wondering about the new Linux 2.4 kernel? What the new features are and what improvements you can expect? Over at Linux Today Joe Pranevich has written an article on the new kernel. Here is a snip!
Linux's ability to handle processes and users have also been vastly expanded in the 2.4. Older versions of Linux included relatively low limits on the number of simultaneously executing processes and number of unique users on a system-- two conditions that were definitely hurting Linux's entrance into Enterprise environments. Linux 2.4 fixes these problems by providing a scalable and configurable process limit and increasing the maximum number of users to about 4.2 million (2^32.)

Linux 2.4 can also handle much larger "enterprise-class" hardware than could previous Linux kernel revisions. For example, Linux 2.4 now includes support for up to 4 gigabytes of RAM on i386 hardware (although this is configurable to more), more than 16 ethernet cards, more than 10 IDE controllers, multiple IO-APICs, and other seemingly pointless abuses of good hardware. Linux 2.4 also includes a much larger assortment of device drivers and supported hardware than any other Linux revision and any particular device you care to name has a decent shot at working under Linux 2.4. (Of course, you should consult the documentation before you go out and buy any new hardware, just in case. New hardware especially may not be supported yet.)
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