Killing Daemons!
Posted on: 09/27/2000 03:19 PM

On my daily search for newsage, I stumbled upon this over at Linuxnews. Security Portal has posted an article on Killing Daemons on Linux systems. They also briefly describe each daemon's function. This is pretty important if you're bringing up a RedHat or Mandrake box on a dsl or cable modem connection. Not to mention, it's just good to know.
Most Linux distributions/Unices, by default, run a number of optional background system programs, regardless of whether you need them. These "daemons" might include an FTP server, printer daemon, or NFS system. The vendor does this as a matter of convenience and ease for users. The user doesn't have to remember how to activate the FTP server, easing phone support costs on the vendor. Unfortunately, this provides convenience to another class of people: system crackers! It radically increases their chances of cracking your system!
Find the rest over here.

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