Leadtek Geforce 2 GTS Review
Posted on: 05/05/2000 09:01 PM

The boys over at Hothardware got their hands on a Geforce 2 GTS from Leadtek and decided to put it to work. It seemed to have some problems running on a BX chipset.
We also tried to set the board up on a BX chipset based board, the SY-6BA+IV from Soyo (our secondary test bed for the Voodoo5 Preview) but the card would lock up after a few frames of a Quake3 time demo. This inevitably happened at any AGP bus speed setting, even the specified 66 MHz. We finally set the AGP aperature in the motherboard BIOS to 16K and were able to complete a loop but it was very slow with this setting.
Eeek, that doesn't sound good. More poking around discovered Kyle over @ Hardocp schooling us about some past experiences with Leadtek cards. Lets hope they get the bugs worked out. Check out the review here.

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