Let's screw the little guy!
Posted on: 02/28/2000 01:04 PM

I stumbled accross an interesting article over at WinNT Mag this morning that details (yet another) way in which Microsoft is trying to screw the little guy. As if the whole Office2000 registration fiasco isn't enough, now they're messing with the OEM version of Win2k. This is a hard one to explain, so I'll just paste the whole thing...
I'm also waiting to hear from Microsoft about a more ominous development. During the press question and answer session, someone asked about Microsoft denying certain OEMs the right to ship media—including both the Win2K distribution CD-ROM and the rescue disk—with systems. Microsoft is requiring OEMs to provide copy protection to prevent people from using the distribution CD-ROM for other purposes. All the top vendors have gone along with this requirement, but some of the smaller OEMs aren't complying. Those OEMs can ship systems with Win2K preloaded on the hard disk but can't ship the CD-ROM or rescue disk. That approach is fine until you have a problem—at which point you might be out of luck!
Imagine that. You just shelled out a bunch of money to get your shiny new workstation with Win2k preloaded, only to find that you have no disk! Gee... How cool :-/

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