Letting Go of a Legacy
Posted on: 01/12/2000 08:09 PM

In this new article at Forbes.com, the author takes a look at the end of legacy support in PC's. If you've looked at any of the new "legacy free" PC's from Dell, Compaq, or Gateway, you might not think that this is an entirely good thing. Personally, I like building my own machines with the hardware that I choose, but it seems that main-stream PC's are moving away from that. Here's a bit of the article...
Opinions differ about what legacy-free really means, but it tends to concern what's left out of the box rather than what's put in it. These newfangled machines typically omit traditional serial, parallel, keyboard and mouse ports; they also lack any way to install internal add-on cards, and sometimes forgo even a floppy drive. Peripherals, including mouse and keyboard, must hook up via the newer connection known as Universal Serial Bus; if your old parts aren't USB-ready, life gets more difficult.

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