Linux and the Police force?
Posted on: 04/26/2000 12:02 PM

In my early morning wandering, I found a really nice article over at Linuxnews. The St. George Police department (SGPD), switched their dispatch service to a Linux system. They stated uptime, and a small budget as their primary reasons. The Windows machines required reboots every other day, and in a job where seconds count, they felt that was unacceptable.
With Linux, "there really has been no down time other then power supply and fan failures (after one year of uptime)... Other then that, the Linux OS has been going strong since November 1998."
This sounds like a great idea. I don't know about you but the thought of the 911 Dispatchers computer blue-screening as I'm calling in for help doesn't settle well with me :-)

Check it out here.

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