Linux console System!?
Posted on: 03/18/2000 02:49 PM

I nearly fell out of my chair when i read this. The guys over at VoodooExtreme are reporting that Linux is making its way into the console market. The new Indrema L600E has some interesting specs. No word on a release date, but here is a gander at what it may have to offer.
- 600 MHz Processor
- 64MB Fast Memory
- 2/8/30/50 GB Hard Drive Option
- 100Mbps Ethernet Port
- 1 Composite Video In, 1 Out
- 1 S-Video In, 1 Out
- 1 Component HD or SVGA Out
- 1 Stereo In, 1 Out (L/R)
- 1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)
- 4 USB Universal Ports
- Built-in Infrared Sensor
- Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Option
- Special "DV Linux" Distribution
- Supports OpenGL(tm) and OpenStream(tm)
- Massive 3D HW Acceleration (NV25 or better)
- MPEG2 Dual Stream HW Acceleration
- HDTV Output Supports 480p, 720p, 1080i
- 3D Audio Converts to Dolby Digital Out
- Integrated Mozilla Browser and E-mail
- Quake 3 Arena/Unreal Tournament
- MP3/VOB Storage and Playback System
- Integrated Personal TV System (like TiVO)
Sounds pretty impressive. I wouldn't mind playing with one.

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