Linux on an Windows box? Windows on a Linux box?
Posted on: 01/12/2000 03:24 PM

Bill Henning over at CPUReview has done it again. This time, he reviews a cool little program that allows you to run X-Windows on a Windows box (or vice versa?). Pretty cool stuff as usual. Here's a clip...
As you may know; I have been reviewing Linux distributions for quite a while. At the Linux Business Expo recently recently held at Comdex 1999 in Las Vegas I was fortunate to meet a lot of hardware and software vendors. One of them was StarNet Communications, who provided a copy of their X-Win32 software for Windows 95/97/NT in a standard folding brochure; on one of the "mini" CD's. They e-mailed a single-node key shortly thereafter so that I could review the full package.

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