Linux on the desktop
Posted on: 02/08/2000 03:53 PM

I found an interesting article over at SmartMoney (by way of LinuxToday) that takes a good look at Linux as a desktop OS. We all know that Linux makes an awesome server, but why hasn't it grown more as a desktop OS? Well, here's one take...
The biggest reason is that the computer cognoscenti are the ones who like and understand Linux — and increasingly, most PC users aren't geeks. "Until the most popular applications, or ones that look exactly like them, are available [on Linux], consumers won't consider it," says IDC Linux analyst Dan Kusnetzky. "Until that hurdle is overcome, it makes Linux of only marginal interest." That's a sentiment echoed by Peter Hortensius, director of technology development in the personal systems group at International Business Machines (IBM). "It's the applications, stupid," he says. "Hitting Joe Mainstream is going to require real work."

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