Linux World stuff
Posted on: 01/25/2000 02:14 AM

Linux World has a few good (new) things posted today. The first is a review of Penguin Computing's Linux powered gaming rig.
Now that real commercial-quality games are starting to appear for Linux, it's about time that Linux system vendors gave us a comparable system on which to play them. Some vendors are stepping up with half-hearted attempts, but appear more interested in keeping the price down than offering a game system with punch. However, gamers are willing to fork out some dollars if they feel that they'll get excellent gameplay in return. The Penguin Computing Gaming System will definitely deliver for these customers.
The second article talks about Linux certification. They talk about the different certification organizations and how they agree and disagree on the requirements for certification. If you've been thinking about getting a RHCE (or another Linux certification), you should check this out...
The two first Linux certification organizations are enjoying great popularity and support, but it remains to be seen how they will get along with each other.

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