Seagate's Momentus 2.5" Hard Drives
Posted on: 03/22/2006 04:53 PM

In January of this year, Seagate released the first consumer hard drive to use a new magnetic recording technique known as perpendicular recording. This drive came in the form of a 5400 RPM notebook drive, the Momentus 5400.3. So what is perpendicular recording and what can we expect out of these new hard drives? We've got your answers here as well as a look at the full line of Seagate's Momentus line of notebook hard drives. Not only will we be benchmarking these drives using their native IDE interface, but we'll also be placing these drives in an external USB enclosure to test their performance as external hard drives. Does disk speed really makes a difference when placing the drive in an external enclosure? We're going to find out.

Full review.

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